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How would you make home voice control more effective?
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39 months ago
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Imagine a world where everything in the home is controlled by voice.  With the proliferation of voice interfaces such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, Cortana, and Apple HomePod, that reality is soon approaching.  However, the way in which one controls devices using voice depends on which interface is used, and the way in which the commands are structured by the interface.  

For instance, if a homeowner has two thermostats in their home, they cannot simply say “I am hot” and the interface determine which thermostat must be controlled and by how much.  Instead, they have to remember which thermostat needs to be controlled, what they named the particular thermostat in their interface app, and tell the thermostat how much to adjust using a very specific command structure.  


So in the context of defining a better future state, we would like to see proposals on how a home could be more ef