Can you make water heater installations more efficient and eco-friendly?
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11 months ago
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Water heaters are amazing devices. They make it possible to get your dishes sparkling, your white laundry whiter, and to come home on a cold day and take the steaming hot shower that makes you feel human again. Replacing a standard water heater with a high-efficiency water heater will make a homeowner's hot water last longer and save them money on their energy bill, while also making the household more environmentally friendly.

One of the big differences between standard and high-efficiency water heaters is that standard heathers use metal atmospheric vents, while high-efficiency heaters require vents made from PVC. In most cases when a high-efficiency water heater is being installed to replace a standard one, the metal venting must be ripped out and thrown away because it is not up to code. This is costly and environmentally detrimental because the used vent goes straight to the landfill. If there were a way to seal existing metal vent to meet high-efficiency vent standards, homeowners would not face these installation barriers. Can you help us refit standard water heater vents to meet sealed requirements for high-efficiency water heaters?


Please complete the following:

  1. Propose a solution/method that would make it possible to refit the Category I standard-efficiency heater vents to meet the Category IV vent requirements for high-efficiency water heaters. (See attached information and images below for several examples of standard-efficiency vent installations and an explanation of Category I versus Category IV appliances.)
  2. Explain how your solution effectively changes the Category I standard-efficiency vent to meet Category IV vent requirements.
  3. If applicable, attach an artistic rendering showing what the refitted vent would look like with your changes incorporated.
Additional Materials:
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$150.00 Square pic 60 10953378 1056634271018163 2835164126697196601 n University of California at San Diego
$50.00 J University of Utah
$50.00 Square pic 60 14902770 214506395626539 4640957950319321952 o Webster University
$50.00 Square pic 60 dna University of Waterloo
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