How can innovative technologies improve the group travel experience?
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Planning a trip with a group of more than a few people can be challenging. Typically, they involve pain points such as lengthy back and forth chats via group text or reply all heavy email chains and spreadsheets. Pestering others in the group with different options in spamming emails, while one person typically takes the initiative of the planning and ends up organizing everything. Others complain or are unhappy they weren’t more involved in the decisions and collecting the money can be a hassle. Someone ends up on the wrong flight or hotel and coordinating/communicating while on the trip can be burdensome.


We want your ideas for ways to innovate the group travel experience, from planning the trip to returning home, using new and innovative technologies centered around geolocation, shopping/booking, messaging/chat, the sharing economy, and more. Specifically:

  1. What pain points do you have when traveling with a group of friends or family and how could some of the innovative technologies mentioned previously help alleviate those pain points? What technologies would you like to see used more frequently during these group trips, and how?
  2. Develop a short presentation (2 slides maximum) which highlights issues you have faced while traveling as part of a group, and the potential new innovative ways of alleviating some of these headaches/what you’d like to see from the travel industry to make group travel easier. Please make sure to reference your sources when discussing new technologies, startups, or research you may be including.

CRITERIA: We are looking for submissions which take this prompt and really explore outside the box thinking and show

reasoning behind the suggestions, rather than a simple listing of products/apps that you use while traveling.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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