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How can Target be a force for good & uniquely support local communities?
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59 months ago
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Target has a long history of community giving, mainly through philanthropy and volunteerism. We’re looking for ideas that would creatively leverage Target’s assets and capabilities (i.e. stores, digital presence, brand credibility, partnerships, marketing, etc.) to extend our support in new and innovative ways to meaningfully address community needs.

Every community is unique, often defined by geography, demographics, history, culture, struggles and successes that unite people who live or work there. Each community often also has a set of needs that limit the potential of its community members to thrive, with some in more dire states than others.


Design one game-changing idea for how Target can uniquely support a community that you know of and/or care about. Specifically, answer the following questions:

  1. Briefly describe your community of inspiration (location, demographics, issues and opportunities). What need/opportunity are you solving for and why?
  2. Describe your idea, including which Target assets and capabilities should be used