How can we get Millennials to start thinking about retirement?

Thanks to our great services and advertising campaigns, many young Americans know about Allstate's strong line of insurance products. However, we offer fantastic financial planning for retirement as well. It is important to start saving for retirement early, and we want to help Millennials make the right choices.

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4 months ago

Imagine you are the head of marketing at Allstate and you need to build an advertising campaign convincing Millennials to think about Allstate to help them save for important milestones ahead of them in life. Specifically, address these questions:

  1. What kind of cool, unique products, programs, or messages could you create to help young people choose Allstate and begin to save for great things ahead, like retirement?

  2. What might help these Millennials save, such as tools, programs, products, or kinds of advice?

  3. How would they want to learn about saving? What would they want to know?

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