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How can we get new consumers trying our hand cream?
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60 months ago
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At Neutrogena, our Norwegian Formula® Hand Creams are industry leading products that give users noticeably softer and smoother hands. Despite this, there are still many consumers who choose a different hand cream or don't use hand cream at all. We need to reach those people and convince them to give our fantastic products a try.


Come up with a comprehensive marketing plan to get consumers to buy their first Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream and try our products. In your solution, include the following:

  1. What are some key moments we could focus on where potential buyers would be willing to change their spending habits and buy Neutrogena hand creams? What messaging should we use in those moments?
  2. What non-traditional marketing tactics should we incorporate?
  3. What consumer would you target in your attempt to get different people using