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How can we modernize our employee benefits to attract Millennials?
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60 months ago
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Currently, Eide Bailly offers full time employees a wide range of benefits, from health, vision, and dental, to 401(k), life insurance, and more. We're especially proud of our wellness benefits, which gives employees with up to three years of seniority $300 annually and employees with more than three years $600 annually for things like exercise equipment, gym memberships, Fitbits, and more. Starting May 1, Eide Bailly will also match up to $200 of giving per employee per year for donations made to 501(c)(3) nonprofits and schools, colleges, or universities. Employees will also receive eight hours of paid time per year to volunteer at an organization they support.

While we believe we offer a robust set of benefits, we want to make sure we are offering competitive traditional and nontraditional options to our new employees.


As a young person who will likely enter the workforce in the next few years, what is your assessment of Eide Bailly's benefits package? In your solution, please answer the following:

  1. What benefits not offered by Eide Bailly would you reasonably like to see from a future employer?
  2. What additional employee