How do younger customers want to engage with us?
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Brands and consumers are more connected and also more distant than ever. Social platforms and digital experiences make customer relationships more real and intimate. Meanwhile, the barrage of content, advertisements, and emails means that brands often fail to break through the noise and fall further from their customers’ minds and hearts.

As a healthcare provider, we know that our information can often be overlooked, especially when it comes in traditional forms such as direct mail campaigns. We believe our information, such as health tips, how to use your health plan, and promotional pieces, is important to our consumers. We want to find the best way to get it noticed amongst the crowds of content out there. We need your help thinking of new ways for us to engage our millennial customers.


Propose an interaction between a consumer and a healthcare insurance provider that would encourage the consumer to engage with the provider.

1) What is the interaction or event? (Can be an event, social media interaction, loyalty program, video, etc.)
2) What is the goal of your interaction?
3) Why do you think a consumer would be excited about this opportunity to engage with a healthcare provider?

Optional: Sketches, drawings, mock-ups, charts, graphs or any other visuals that better explain your idea

Bonus: Reference any examples of brands that have used this approach or cite research that supports your claims.

Top concepts will include creative marketing approaches based on existing consumer behaviors.

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