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How should we re-engineer kitchen cabinets to make them more accessible?

In today's market, many home owners find themselves placing seldom used items on the top shelves of their wall cabinets, or in the cabinet above the refrigerator. These home owners currently lack a solution for gaining easy access to these locations. This is especially prevalent in homes with tall ceilings, as the wall cabinets in the kitchen typically become taller.

We are interested in exploring different solutions to help home owners access these high locations in their kitchens more easily.

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Please complete the following:

1) Propose a solution that would help home owners access high locations in their kitchen cabinets more easily.

2) Include a mockup showing the design for your solution, and how it would fit well in a kitchen setting. Be sure to include:
- Materials you would use to construct your solution (if necessary)
- Highlight any specific engineering requirements that would be necessary to implement the solution

3) Explain why you think your solution would work effectively.

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