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How will drones impact the future of engineering and construction?

Black & Veatch is a leading global engineering, construction, and consulting company. Our success is founded on our ability to understand our client's needs and objectives and provide high value solutions. In this challenge, we are seeking to explore ways in which drone and satellite technology could be used to improve and revolutionize our industries. We’re interested in identifying innovative drone applications in industries that are adjacent to our core businesses.

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5 months ago

Propose an innovative and applied use of drone technology in the field of engineering and construction that go beyond Black & Veatch’s core business. We recognize opportunities for drones in surveying, environmental work, and inspections. Beyond that, drones are relevant in security, agriculture, and emergency response. What are your ideas for revenue-generating use of drones? Assume drones can fly anywhere and are legally allowed to operate.

  1. Identify a specific unmet need that can be addressed with the use of drones.

  2. Describe a specific solution that shows how the drone would be used.

  3. Identify who would benefit from the solution.

  4. Describe potential new capabilities that could enable drones to meet these needs.

  5. Include sketches, diagrams, or potential cost/benefit analysis that support your solution.

CRITERIA: We are not interested in weaponization of drones or consumer delivery services. Specific, actionable ideas for novel, improvements to data capture, processing, and analytics will receive high scores.

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