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How would you create packaging for a meal that is eaten on the go?

For many Americans, speed and convenience are two qualities that are increasingly important across a multitude of daily tasks and activities. Whether communicating with friends or making purchases, today’s landscape stresses immediate gratification for the consumer almost above everything else.

Convenience and mobile interaction applies to the eating habits of today’s Americans. We are finding much less time to cook meals than in previous generations. In fact an increasing number of younger Americans are not cooking at all. With the importance and ready access of fast, ready-made foods, together with the expansion of GPS enabled mobile devices, quick cook and “grab-and-go" food options must evolve to meet new market demands. Since, many people consume ready-made and quick prep meals in the car, new food packaging formats, order methods, and heating methods must be developed. We want your help in designing new generations of packaged meals.

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**NOTE** Before solving, please visit the online PackWorld gallery of products to get inspiration for potential solutions, and to see what has already been invented so you don't offer ideas that already exist.

Please submit the following:

1. Propose a packaging idea for a ready-to-eat or ready-to-heat meal that would appeal to young consumers, and could be eaten on the go (in the car). What about your packaging and preparation solution would make your meal option more appealing than existing fast-food options like McDonald's?

2. As you design the package, consider incorporating mobile device options and vehicle technologies into the new solution. For example, customized pre-arrival style or flavor (ie. sauce) choice. This could provide an awaiting or quick self-prep customized meal at arrival.

3. Explain how the packaging would enable the meal to be prepared in very little time, and presented in an enticing and eat on the go option.

4. Attach an artistic rendering (sketch, mockup, design, etc.) showing what your packaged meal would look like, and how the packaging would allow one to consume the meal on the go. Consider branding in your solution as a way to purposely entice active young consumers (Monster, Mountain Dew, and Red Bull are good examples of brands that connect successfully to a youthful market).

Criteria: Be creative in your responses, and have fun thinking differently, but if you need help to get started, feel free to draw inspiration from anything in your environment or from the current line of Cryovac packaging products:

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