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How would you design the next wave of pop-up banks?
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Anyone who has had to visit a physical bank location knows that it can be an inconvenient, and at times, uncomfortable situation. Physical bank hours can make it hard to coordinate a visit with a busy schedule to work around, the location can present travel obstacles, and the process of sitting down with a banker to open an account or apply for a loan can be stressful.

As a result, online banking has become more prevalent as a way around some physical bank limitations. However, we are interested in figuring out a separate solution that still employs a physical “pop-up” bank presence. Think of it like the food truck equivalent to normal brick and mortar restaurants.


Please submit the following:

1) Describe the layout and physical properties of your pop-up bank. How would it be transported from one location to another?

2) Provide 3 general locations (ex. mall, street corner, etc.) where you would place your new pop-up bank. Please explain your reasons for choosing each location, and why it is well-suited for this new type of banking experience.

3) Attach an artistic rendering (diagram, sketch, m