Delight customers when they first acquire new bank products

The first experience a customer has with a new product is a relationship-defining moment. It is the perfect opportunity to pleasantly surprise the customer and set the tone for the future.

At State Farm Bank®, we are looking for ways to do just this - delight our customer when they first log into their account. We have found that if we start off on the right foot, our customers will be more engaged with our products and find greater benefit in our services.

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The "pleasant surprise" could come in many different ways, from small enhancements to big and bold changes. Your task is to answer the question: What types of tools, features, and technologies will increase delight our customers and increase engagement?

To complete this challenge, submit answers to the following:

1) What tool or technology would increase customer engagement with a web or mobile application?
2) How do you expect customers to use this tool or technology?
3) Why would customers engage with it?
4) How would you introduce it when the customer first logs in?

Scoring Criteria:
Top submissions will be truly innovative ideas and stand out from what traditional banks are already doing.

Personalized services are a big area of interest. Think about notifications, account reviews, personalized tips, and budget/debt simulators that meet my individual needs. A few more areas to consider include:

Deposit Products
- Bill payment: make it easy for me to pay all my bills
- Transparency: make it easy for me to see money available and move it around
- Manage my finances: budgeting, ways to save for certain events, progress towards goals

Credit Card Accounts:
- Why do you use the credit cards you do? How can we increase customer engagement in this area outside of monetary incentives/rewards?
- Understanding the motivation or the factors that cause people to gravitate to specific cards

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