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How would you improve stuffed crust pizza?
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76 months ago
Small pic pizza hut triple cheese covered stuffed crust

For over 20 years, stuffed crust has been a staple offering at Pizza Hut. Many people remember the first time they tried a stuffed crust pizza, and those memories and experiences are what really have an impact when trying to build customer loyalty. To help you better understand the connection our customers have had with stuffed crust through the years, we've attached some examples of our past stuffed crust advertisements and commercials.

We want to bring the next wave of stuffed crust innovation to Pizza Hut customers by coming out with the next exciting version of stuffed crust pizza. For this challenge, we'd like you to target families with young kids (parents are between 25-35). Be creative with your solutions, and remember that it should be targeted towards a budget-conscious young family!