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How would you snack on ice cream?
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In recent years, there have been many new innovations when it comes to ready-to-eat, hand held ice cream products. Whether in the form of stick bars, cones, sandwiches, mini-bites, or unique single-serve containers, there is still plenty of room for innovation in this area of ice cream products.


Submit an idea for a new hand held ice cream made for snacking occasions in the afternoon or evening. Please be sure to include:

1) A written description of the idea

2) A picture/artistic rendering that breaks down the design of your ice cream

3) A description of the ingredients you would use for your ice cream


1) We are not interested in mini-cup or pint single serve container ideas

2) Your idea should be differentiated from current options of hand held ice cream

3) Special interest will be given to ideas that bring exciting contrasts of taste and texture, play on opposites (hard-soft, firm-liquid, etc.), or bring a multi-sensorial pleasure experience