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How would you troubleshoot as a network engineer?

Network Associates and Support Engineers are faced with complex and unexpected issues on a frequent basis. One of the most important skill-sets for individuals in these roles is troubleshooting.

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Imagine a customer calls in with a problem about their Nexus 5000 Series Switch. Their primary issues stem from the STP on the Nexus 5000.

1. In your own words, describe what STP is. We want a concise, straightforward explanation that proves to us that you understand what STP is doing.

2. How do you start troubleshooting an STP issue? I.e. what is the first question you ask the customer, and what command do you ask them to run?

3. What is one tool or technique you would use to dig deeper and further analyze the issue. Why do you feel this would be successful?

Feel free to reference any research or external sources you used to create your solution.

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