How would you use a high-speed Internet connection in your car?

The world is rapidly getting more connected. Imagine now that all cars come with a built-in internet connection, offering the opportunity to integrate more of the rest of your life with your vehicle.

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21 months ago

Please submit the following:

1) How would you use a high-speed connection in your vehicle in your day-to-day? Specifically, walk us through your average day in detail and how the vehicle’s connection would improve your life.

2) List all the challenges you see with your use-case. How would you overcome these challenges?

Criteria: Keep the following in mind as you create your solution:

- Consider ideas that emphasize the role of the vehicle over the role of the phone or other brought-in devices.

- Be creative and ignore common ideas such as streaming audio, watching Netflix, posting to social media and navigation apps.

- Keep in mind some ideas may not be limited to in-vehicle experiences, but could also apply to use-cases to remotely interact with the vehicle.

- Don’t be constrained by what cars today can do. Assume you can build in capabilities to the vehicle to enable your idea, and be sure to tell us what those are.

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