How would you use technology to improve corporate cash management?
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For companies of all sizes, cash management is an important issue that must be handled in the right way to help promote growth and stability. Cash management refers to a broad area of finance involving the collection, handling, and usage of cash. It often involves assessing the company’s market liquidity, cash flow, and investments

To view a list of commonly used cash management services used by corporations click here.

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We feel that technology is a tool that could be used effectively to help almost every company grow through effective cash management. Several factors make this area of finance ripe for innovation, including the high frequency of similar transactions, the large volume of data, and the analytics available within both the the individual corporation and the entire financial market.

1) What aspect of cash management would you focus on improving? Why?
2) How could technology improve this service or function?
3) How would this technology work? Describe any inputs/outputs necessary.
4) What would the expected impact be for the corporation?
Scoring Criteria:
Your responses will be scored based on creativity, evidence from the financial world supporting your logic, and the feasibility of your technology. We suggest spending most of your time on deliverable #2 and #3.

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