Can you improve today's hydration packs?
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Designed for the outdoor adventurer, hydration packs offer eco-friendly hands-free drinking in the form of a flexible plastic pouch (or "bladder") connected to a drinking tube. Despite their intended conveniences, these hydration systems come with consumer difficulties:

-Cleaning the tubes - While the plastic water pouch is dishwasher friendly, the tubes must be disconnected and hand-washed.

-Drying the pouch - There is currently not a convenient way to dry out the pouch. If not held open, the plastic lies flat and ends up stuck together.

We want YOUR ideas for an improved hydration pack design that corrects or enhances the above performance areas OR introduces a valuable new feature that users will love!

Please consider the following hydration pack features that are currently available today as we are seeking new ideas not yet on the market:

-Reversible pouch for better cleaning.

-Water filter compatibility allowing a user to hook up a water filter to the pack.

-Quick release valves to conveniently detach the tubes from the pouch.

-Wide mouth pouch for easy filling.

-Depressurization button to reduce pressure in the pouch.


Submit a design for a hydration pack that does at least one of the following:

-Allows for easier or better tube cleaning

-Improves water pouch drying

-Presents a new feature that adds value to the currently available designs

Please address the following in your design proposal:

  1. Which performance area does your design seek to improve or what new added value feature do you propose?
  2. How does your hydration pack design work? How exactly does it correct the flaw(s) in the previous system or add value to the design of today's packs?
  3. Include an artistic rendering (sketch, mockup, CAD, etc.) of your hydration pack design.


We are interested in your creative, novel ideas that are not available on the market today. For a successful solution, this challenge requires market research in order to be knowledgeable on the full scope of today's available hydration pack features.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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