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What is your ideal digital banking experience?
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7 months ago
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Last year we turned to the MindSumo community and asked, "What does the perfect banking experience look like?" We learned that financial education, online banking, and spend analytics are some of the most desired features for the ideal banking experience.

Now, we want to learn more about the perfect digital experience

Most of us are pretty comfortable with online banking in this day and age. Whether we're banking from our personal computers or jumping on a mobile app, the digital banking experience has become a familiar one. 

That is why we want to take the digital banking experience to the next level. We want to learn from you! What is the perfect digital banking experience in your opinion? What is it about your current digital banking experience that you wish could be different? What could be better? What new ideas do you have that would enhance the digital experience for customers? 

Share your creative ideas with us! We want you to think creatively and outside-the-box. Think about the world we live in today, the technology available to us, and develop an ideal digital banking experience.