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How would you revolutionize ignition in our combustion engines?
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27 months ago
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Our gas-powered turbine engines require heat, fuel, and oxygen, like all combustion engines. The “heat” aspect comes in the form of ignitors, which essentially “spark” or start a fire within the fuel and oxygen mix, causing an explosion within the chamber.

Currently, our ignition system consists of a spring-loaded igniter assembly. As combustor shell air pressure overcomes spring force, the igniter retracts out of the flame zone. One version of an ignitor consists of a single piece igniter, high tension exciter (~25kV), and igniter cables with a Teflon insulator. Some combustors have one ignitor in each basket, whereas others only have two baskets with ignition points that carry the flame 360° around.

We want your help finding a completely new way to introduce heat and a spark to start the combustion process of the fuel-and-oxygen mix.

To better understand the concept, please see these videos: