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How can social media provide a more positive experience for users?
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In recent years, much of the news around social media has been negative. We hear nonstop coverage about social media's negative effects on mental health - especially for younger age groups. Much has also been written and reported on the negative ways social media creates polarization in society and spreads misinformation through online "echo chambers" that exist based on algorithms that are used to serve up specific content to users.

We are looking for innovative ways to improve social media by removing some of the harmful impacts and creating new tools or features that will have a positive effect on social media users.


1) Choose one specific social media platform that you regularly use and answer the following:

  • Propose an idea (new feature, service, algorithm update, etc.) that would make using this platform a more positive experience for users
  • How would your idea work, and why would it have a positive effect on users?
  • How would your idea lessen the negative impacts people currently experience on the social media platform you chose?

2) Explain how your idea would impact the social media platform overall. Does it change the platform's main purpose or value? Does it bring new types of users to the platform? Tell us everything!

NOTE - We are looking for creative and outside the box ideas, so don't be afraid to think big in your submissions!

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
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