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What are your biggest travel frustrations? What could we do to solve them?
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37 months ago
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While travel can be an exciting or relaxing way to escape the grind of your daily life, most of us have experienced firsthand the annoyances, difficulties, and frustrations that can come with it.  We want to hear what your biggest challenge is when traveling or planning a trip, and your idea for how to solve it!


We are interested in new products and services that will solve YOUR travel-related problems (think of your biggest inconveniences, obstacles, etc.). Your travel problems and solutions can relate to the planning phase of a trip, or the actual travel or return portions.  Specifically, answer the following: 

  1. What is your biggest frustration / hassle when it comes to travel?  Is there something that always seems like it is "harder than it should be?"  Tell us about your frustration and why it is a frustration for you.
  2. What NEW product or service would you create to solve this issue?  (think about something you w