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How can we connect with students before they enter their careers?
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39 months ago
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At Thomas, we are industry. Our solutions inform, support, and empower B2B buyers and engineers, and connect them with the industrial suppliers of the products and services they need.

We want to reach the next generation of leaders in supply chain, procurement, manufacturing and engineering, so they know us and use our platform for class or work projects. We also want to reach tomorrow’s marketing leaders, to instill the value of as the ideal advertising vehicle for reaching industrial/B2B purchase decision makers. Thomas is committed to making the future great for the next generation of industry professionals--we even founded the 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars awards to showcase the brightest young members of the supply chain management world.

We need your help developing a campus strategy that will connect us with students, and build lasting relationships with them. Our goal is to make them familiar with as a resource for staying on top of industry insights, learnin