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What's your idea for an innovative hair conditioner?
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49 months ago
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We are a global hair care brand that strives to bring Millennials innovative and on-trend hair products they love.   Today, we want to revitalize our existing line of hair conditioners by creating a new product that will appeal to Millennial females.  Our goal is that young female consumers who do not believe they need to be using a  conditioner will want to begin using this product as part of their hair washing routine.   For those who already use a conditioner, we want this new product to replace it!   As you think about your creative idea for a conditioner, please consider the following popular trends:

  • Naturals:  Products that promote health, wellness, and sustainability through the use of ingredients that are considered healthy, such as aloe and coconut oil
  • New twists on traditional conditioners: Products that have a unique benefit or way in which they are used.  For example, a conditioner that claims it will nourish hair in just a few minutes of use or a conditioner that claims it will repair split ends and reduce hair breakage.

Your conditioner idea does not need to fit neatly into one of these two trends, but it should appeal to female Millennials and be considered innovative in some way.


We are interested in a new and creative hair conditioner that will appeal to Millennial female consumers.  Specifically, answer the following: 

Part A: Tell us about your use of conditioners - please be concise (3 points total):

  1. Why do you choose or not choose to use a conditioner? 1 pt 
  2. Is there anything particular that you look for when selecting a conditioner? 1pt
  3. What qualities or benefits of current conditioners matter most to you?  1pt

Part B: Propose your idea for a new conditioner in tube form that offers a specific benefit or quality that will appeal to Millennial females (7 points total). Be sure to include:

  1. Description of your product idea!
    1. Tell us why it is innovative (what does the product claim to do that will make it unique and appealing) 1 pt
    2. Provide a product name 1pt 
    3. Provide a tagline (catchphrase or slogan capturing the what this product does / why it is innovative) 1pt 
  2. Why will Millennial females want to begin using this conditioner?  How does it overcome some of the current reasons why they may not want to use a conditioner? (see Considerations below) 2 pts
  3. What extra information and details will help us bring your product idea to life?  This should include a visual (or detailed description) of the packaging and ideas for what the label will say. 2 pts

This challenge will be scored out of a total of 10 points!  Please see values next to deliverables. 


  • Your idea should not simply replicate something that is already available to consumers.  
  • Your idea should be a combination of the concept name, the tagline which simply but effectively captures the innovation's benefit, and the innovation itself.
  • Keep in mind that many females who do not use conditioners believe that their hair is fine without it, or they hold negative views about conditioners such as believing that conditioner will make their hair oilier or weigh it down.  We want your product idea to convince people that they should be using a conditioner and that it will offer them a positive result!
  • Your idea must make sense for a conditioner that comes in a tube.
  • If your product is intended for a particular hair type or demographic, please explain in deliverable 2. 
  • We intend for this new product to be used as part of the hair washing routine (i.e. in the shower after shampooing).  We are not interested in ideas that would supplement traditional conditioners, such as a detangler or post-shower leave-in conditioner.
  • We truly want to co-create with you!  Please share any extra details that would help us to make your product concept a reality!

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Overall Score
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