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What's your idea for an innovative hair conditioner?
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32 months ago
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We are a global hair care brand that strives to bring Millennials innovative and on-trend hair products they love.   Today, we want to revitalize our existing line of hair conditioners by creating a new product that will appeal to Millennial females.  Our goal is that young female consumers who do not believe they need to be using a  conditioner will want to begin using this product as part of their hair washing routine.   For those who already use a conditioner, we want this new product to replace it!   As you think about your creative idea for a conditioner, please consider the following popular trends:

  • Naturals:  Products that promote health, wellness, and sustainability through the use of ingredients that are considered healthy, such as aloe and coconut oil
  • New twists on traditional conditioners: Products that have a unique benefit or way in which they are used.  For example, a conditioner that claims it will nourish hair in j