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What's the perfect mobile app for the new Millennial employee?
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52 months ago
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Making insurance benefit choices is one of the steepest learning curves for Millennials entering the workforce. Presented with a wide range of options for unfamiliar plans that have real financial and health consequences, these new employees are quickly overwhelmed.

We want to help Millennials make their insurance decisions by creating an app that makes their choices clear. Our focus is on producing an interface that is easy to use from sign-up to navigation and informative.


Help us create a mobile app that Millennials can turn to when they make insurance decisions, with a focus on dental, disability, term life, and accident insurance. Specifically:

  1. What features would the app have? How would the selection process work: would the app be an aid, or should the user complete the entire insurance selection on the app?
  2. What existing apps, insurance or not, do you think make a complicated proce