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How could an app teach new employees about group life and health insurance?
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42 months ago
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For many recent entrants to the workforce, group life and health insurance is an entirely new decision. To help them make the choice that's right for them, we feel that we need a better way to explain the basics of group life and health insurance, what's covered, and how it all works.

Guardian has traditionally used printed materials, education/enrollment seminars, and the web to introduce new workers to group life and health. Our marketing has primarily focused on each type of coverage, but we have done little to present prospective members with everything in one place. Most workers don't even see an "insurance 101" during their decision process. 

We want to fix that by coming up with an app that will clearly and quickly explain the basics and options available. We don't want anything that's too long, intimidating, boring, or complicated. Instead, strive for engaging, informative, and easy to navigate, allowing users to drill down to the level of detail they want.


Explain how you would organize and design an app that tells new workforce entrants about the basics and options for group life and health