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How can we better explain how employment changes affect insurance coverage?
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40 months ago
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One tricky aspect of leaving an employer and starting a new job with a different employer is figuring out what happens to your insurance coverage. Unforeseen changes can be expensive, and the only way to avoid insurance confusion is to study the differences between old and new plans.

We want your help designing an app that will let users quickly and easily compare current and future insurance plans. Your proposal should be engaging, informative, and easy to use, and avoid appearing intimidating, boring, or complicated.


Explain how you work organize and design an app that lets users compare insurance plans from two employers. Specifically:

  1. How would your app let a user compare two insurance plans? 
  2. How would your app highlight differences between the two plans?
  3. Optional: Include visuals to illustrate your design features.
    Submissions will be graded on the foll