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How should we reseal chip bags?
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65 months ago
Small pic pepsi potato chips

There's nothing like ripping open a bag of perfectly crunchy, salty chips. However, unless a consumer eats the entire bag, he or she must reseal the bag to keep their crisp chips from becoming stale disappointments. Taping bags makes a sticky, difficult to reopen mess. Zippered bags are frustratingly difficult to zip when you have greasy chip fingers, and they often unzip on their own, letting the chips inside lose their crunch.


Propose a new way to reseal chip bags. We want an outside-the-box solution that is part of the purchased chip bag. Do not propose separately purchased tape or a chip clip.

Ideal solutions will include:

(1) A description of the materials you would use, how your proposed sealer works, and how it would improve upon current chip bag sealers.

(2) A diagram, image, or mock-up of your idea.