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Make Laundry Detergent Futuristic
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56 months ago
Small pic laundry detergent

In the early 2000s, digital cameras were all the rage. You could take pictures, store them on a card which you’d insert into your computer and perhaps eventually upload onto Myspace or Facebook. In 2016, Smartphones have completely taken over the consumer digital camera marketplace (excluding specialized high end cameras).

We make laundry products and think that traditional laundry detergent is ready to go the way of the digital cameras and dinosaurs (extinct). There simply has to be a better way of getting our dirty clothes soaped up than buying/bringing home/lifting a heavy detergent container, pouring and measuring into a cup, and then trying not to spill all over yourself as you add the detergent to the wash. How can we move traditional laundry detergent into the past with digital cameras, and bring it into the future alongside Smartphones?