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60 months ago
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In the US, clothes are mostly washed in machines. In markets across Asia and Africa, clothes are washed by hand in the process outlined below:

- Sorting and soaking: Clothes are sorted and left to soak in buckets of water that contain soap or detergent.

- Hand washing: Clothes are rigorously scrubbed by hand to remove dirt and stains.

- Rinsing: Dirt and soap are removed from the clothes by rinsing until there is no trace of dirt or soap foam left.

- Drying: Clothes are hung up to dry.

Check out this short video and this longer video to see hand washing in action.

- Omo's new detergent has a formula that makes the foam in the rinsing phase disappear more quickly and easily, meaning laundry takes less effort, time, and uses less water.

- Customers have said that this is nice, but it won’t make them buy Omo detergent over competitors.