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Have your voice heard and use your skills, insights, and passion to share your solutions to challenges we all face – energy, environment, food, safety, security, water and more.

Use these additional materials to get acquainted with our Smarter Planet initiative, review some interesting case studies and understand the grand challenges the world faces. We also have some helpful advice on how to navigate finding a job at IBM.


Look around you – what problems do you see? What would you like to solve? Propose a Smarter Planet idea by submitting a 2 minute video that describes your solution along with the business case as follows:

1. Describe the problem you chose.

2. What data do you need and how would you collect and analyze it?

3. Who needs to be involved and how would you persuade them?

4. What emerging trends, issues or opportunities in business and society influenced your choice?

5. Why do you want to solve this problem?

6. What evidence do you have to make you think we can solve it?

7. Describe potential costs, risks and market demand for the solution.

Submissions: Host your video on Vimeo or YouTube. Put the link in the submission form below.

Rewards: Each student that submits a video will receive an eco-friendly green t-shirt and certificate of appreciation from IBM. Participants will also be considered for potential job positions.

Note: By submitting a video, you agree to let IBM use your content on IBM web sites for promotional or other purposes.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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