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Letting moms know it’s time for a diaper change
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Busy moms are always on the go and occupied with multiple responsibilities and activities. Diaper changes are events in the day that she wishes could be easier and work around her schedule. Every day, moms ask for better working, longer lasting disposable diapers that allow her to have more time for herself and time to spend with baby. However, the diaper still needs to be changed when full of urine or when the baby has “gone number two” to avoid harming the baby’s skin and to prevent leakage.

Because of this need, moms are looking for ways to know when to change the diaper without relying on a nasty smell, discoloration, or bulking and sagging in the crotch area. Ideally, moms want to know this information without having to remove baby’s clothes.


Propose a solution that could let mom know it is time to change a disposable diaper.

Specify the following:

- How would your solution detect the need for a disposable diaper change?

- How would your solution let mom know that a disposable diaper change is needed?

- Explain, using words and/or diagrams, how your solution would be executed.


- Be original and creative. If you think your idea might be currently available, like today’s wetness indicators on newborn diapers, just do some quick research before submitting your solution.

- Solution must be safe for mom and baby

- Solution must be easy and intuitive for mom to use

- Solution must still be affordable

- Technology used in the solution must be available

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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