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What's your design for a long duration space flight environment?
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28 months ago
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We exist in an exciting moment for manned space exploration as the first manned mission to Mars looms closer. As one would expect, there are many difficulties associated with a mission of this duration, and many of those problems are being addressed in new and creative ways. As technology continues to progress, we as a species are capable of things that were unimaginable a few generations ago. But even with all of our advances, there are some problems that are still awaiting solutions.

NASA conducts a rigorous screening process when selecting astronauts to ensure that there is a minimal chance of problems arising during a mission, but what will soon be attempted, a long term mission beyond Low Earth Orbit, is something for which we have limited experience. Liberal estimates for the duration of a journey to Mars vary from 12 to 32 months. Though there may be five to seven crew members on the trip, that much time in an isolated environment with a limited number of people with whom to interact may have unforeseen psychological effects. Which brings us to our big question.

How can we minimize the psychological strain on astronauts while also potential