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Make healthier treats for all the good dogs out there
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50 months ago
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Dog treats are becoming an increasingly larger part of the pet industry. They are a way for owners to show affection for their pets, and they make for bonding moments between owner and dog. The problem is that many owners are feeding their dogs too many unhealthy treats or the wrong treats, creating obesity and other health problems. Some treats can be bad when mixed with the food in the dog's diet or with medication the pet might take. We want to come up with a treat that will be tasty and healthy so owners have bonding experiences with and show affection to their beloved pets while promoting the health and vitality of the pet.


Tell us your idea for a healthy dog treat that will improve a pup's overall health instead of hurting it. Your solution should include the following:

  1. A detailed description of the treat, including its texture, shape, and how the owner gives it to the dog.
  2. A list of ingredients that consumers would identify with as being healthy and good for dogs.