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Make meningitis vaccine messaging persuasive and fear-free
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65 months ago
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Imagine that the World Meningitis Foundation (a fictional organization) is launching a vaccine to help protect adolescents around the globe, age 10-25, against meningitis. Initially, consumers may have to pay out of pocket to get the vaccine, something they are not used to doing, as vaccines are normally paid for by the government. As a means to inspire vaccination, current meningococcal meningitis disease awareness campaigns use basic facts and figures about the disease, as well as scary visuals featuring hospital scenes and survivors missing limbs or who are scarred.

However, we want to try to take our messaging and campaign in a different, less fear-inducing direction. We want to use social media to inspire a movement to get adolescents vaccinated against this rare but potentially deadly disease. Our campaign must:

(1) Break through the clutter of everyday life to inspire parents and adolescents to pay attention to the message.

(2) Create urgency for parents and adolescents to discover the facts and understand that this is a must have vaccine.

(3) Take action to talk to their healthcare professional and get their child or themselves vaccinated. They should also spread the word to friends and family.