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How do we get 50-70 year olds excited about eyeglass lenses?
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54 months ago
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When buying eyeglasses, most consumers focus mainly on choosing from a wide range of fashion or designer frames, while largely leaving the recommendation of the lenses and their surface treatment to the eye care professional. Given the wealth of options available on lens materials and their treatments,* consumers are undervaluing and overlooking the crucial step of customizing their corrective lenses in order to give them the best visual experience for their needs. Instead of relying solely on the eye care professional to make the choice, we want the eyeglass wearer to be more informed, involved and engaged in the selection process.

*These options include thinner and lighter lenses, coatings that block harmful light, coatings to protect lenses from scratches, and treatments that keep them cleaner.


NOTE: please focus on 50-70 year olds.

Think out of the box and propose a plan to get older generations—Baby Boomers and Generation X—more involved and actively engaged in their lens selection when purchasing new eyewear. Your solution should include detailed answers to the following questions:

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