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In this age of smartphones, user guides and instruction manuals have increasingly become a thing of the past. This is because user functionality and design have improved to the point where people can intuitively figure out how to work their devices without the assistance of a detailed manual.

However, this is not the case when it comes to point of sale systems in restaurants, which lack the intuitiveness and design simplicity to do away with extensive (and oftentimes ineffective or confusing) employee training for how to use the system.

We are interested in getting your feedback on our current point of sale system, and identifying ways to improve the design and functionality to make it easier for employees to master.

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Please complete the following:

  1. After studying the attached mockups of the current point of sale system, please answer the following:

    • In your view, what are the main flaws in the design of our current point of sale system?

    • What part of the current system's flow was most confusing to you?

  2. How would you redesign the point of sale system to make it more intuitive and user friendly?

    • Explain the major differences between your system and the current one being used.

    • Why do you think your system will be more effective?

  3. Attach a mockup or sketch of what your redesigned system would look like. Please show user flow, which is the path a user follows while engaged with the system.

  4. BONUS: Tell us whether the point of sale system we've included in the images on this challenge seems intuitive and easy for novices to learn. If not, what would make it easier to pick up?

CRITERIA: Your solution should accommodate the functional requirements in the attached PDF. For examples of order screens, see the attachments.

Additional Materials:
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