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Female students: help make tampons more user-friendly
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The plastic applicator tampon usage experience can be complicated and cumbersome. A woman must interact with several components of the tampon product she chooses, which include the tampon wrapper, the applicator, the tampon itself (i.e. what goes inside the body) and also the tampon string. A woman must choose the right absorbency, open the wrapper, prepare the applicator for insertion, insert the tampon and remove and dispose of both the applicator and wrapper. This process further continues when a woman must change tampons by removing and disposing of the tampon she is currently wearing before she can insert the next (new) applicator tampon product.


Students should identify what frustrates them about tampon products. Are there any missing features you would like to see? How would you address the current frustrations? In order to fully illustrate the idea, your proposal should include text with diagrams, plus any videos or pictures you deem helpful. Successful solutions will include the following:

(1) A proposal for an applicator tampon product that solves an issue with current tampon usage.

(2) A description of the actual problem or frustration in detail: what stage(s) of use create problems, any functional product issues, and how it impacts the user physically and/or emotionally.

(3) How would an applicator tampon user interact or engage with your device or idea? How would you make it intuitive to use?

(4) What benefit would your new idea deliver to the tampon user? Why would this idea be relevant for the user? How would your idea help the user have a better overall experience?

For clarity, please use the terms for the steps in the product usage cycle, provided in the “Additional Materials” section below.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
Additional Materials:
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