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Help us develop a more interactive and visual social strategy
Challenge Type: business
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33 months ago

At MBO Partners, we give people the control to do the work they love, the way they want. Our two-sided platform matches companies to skilled independent professionals - helping to power the future around the globe!

Our core audience is independent professionals who run their own business (think independent consultants), and those who aspire to start a business as an independent consultant. We are eager to figure out better ways to use social media to drive engagement among these target groups. 

We already engage regularly with our constituents via social media (active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and newly on Instagram), a robust blog and video/audio-based learning channel, regular virtual events, and networking capabilities in our subscription service programs. However, we want more ideas for how to stand out on social media and attract even more of our core audience. 


Please answer the following questions:

1) What business-focused accounts do you currently follow on social media, and why? If you don’t follow any – why not? What channels are most likely to drive your engagement? 

2) How can we use social media to educate and raise awareness about a complex topic (starting and growing your own consulting business) without appearing too stiff or corporate?

3) Specifically, which platforms would you recommend and what types of content (i.e. videos, memes, livestream, etc.) to engage and attract young professionals thinking about starting their own consulting business?

4) Lastly, please check out our existing social channels and tell us what you think we're doing well and what you would change. 

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
Reward Tiers
Top 10%
will share $625
Next 15%
will share $250
Next 25%
will share $125
Actual individual rewards will be based on the total number of eligible solutions.
$44.60 Hager Mohammad University of Toronto
$44.60 Maria Tatika
$44.60 Joy Orande Brock university
$44.60 Thang Nguyen University of Vermont
$44.60 Jennifer Miller Walden University
$44.60 Trish Laning
$44.60 Kate Rushton Nottingham
$44.60 Karl R Georgia Institute of Technology
$44.60 Vyshnavi Viju
$44.60 Jacob Scales Radford University
$44.60 Tess Phangisa
$44.60 Matthew Gaiser Queen's University
$44.60 Samson Lewis Boston College
$44.60 Edilson Gomes de Lima Ibero American
$12.50 Shane Jenkins University of Notre Dame
$12.50 Jennifer Danuff University of Central Florida
$12.50 Lakshmi Basu
$12.50 Abhishek Mishra Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow
$12.50 Meera Stephen
$12.50 Lewis Kim University of California, Berkeley
$12.50 Gabriel Ribeiro Yale University
$12.50 Elarna Paine
$12.50 Elise Sokolow New York University
$12.50 Lester Huang Lehigh University
$12.50 Patience Kabura San Jose State University
$12.50 Liam Boyes
$12.50 Gopikrishnan Mohan
$12.50 Khoi Tran
$12.50 Jeffrey Sham Johns Hopkins University
$12.50 Natalie Rose
$12.50 Hannah Tuten University of Virginia
$12.50 Gail Jardine University of Rochester
$12.50 Andy Martin University of South Florida
$12.50 Justin Barcusky Drexel University