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Help us create a new meal solution that mixes non-perishable and fresh elements
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29 days ago
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When you consider the layout of a typical supermarket, the center of the grocery store is usually where you'll find non-perishable foods, with fresher items located closer to the edges. We are interested in creating new meal solutions that can still live in the center of the store (non-perishable) but have the addition of fresh items that might normally be found in perishable departments. 


Please answer the following:

1) Propose an idea for a new packaged meal solution that is non-perishable but has the addition of fresh or perishable elements to make it more appealing

  • What is the meal? 
  • What ingredients would be used?
  • Describe what fresh ingredients would be added to the non-perishable meal to make it more appealing

2) What