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Create an awesome new meat alternative
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54 months ago
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We’re an international food manufacturer that believes that at the heart of our success is making food products that not only taste delicious, but don't harm the earth that they come from. One foods-focused area that we want to have a world-wide impact on is meats.

Did you know that beef eaters use 160% more land resources than people who eat a plant-based diet? How about that one acre of land produces only 250 pounds of beef, as compared to 50,000 pounds of tomatoes, 53,000 pounds of potatoes or 30,000 pounds of carrots?

As a ‘big foods business’ it is our responsibility to develop alternative protein products, and to guide and educate people that there are delicious, nutritious alternatives to meat. Therefore our goal is for people to gradually reduce their meat consumption, as they become more aware of the impact of meat production on the environment, and to provide sustainable substitutions for meat protein.


Propose a meat alternative ingredient, meal, recipe or line of foods that we can use a