Analyze #CapitalOne Instagram data
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ANNOUNCEMENT: The challenge deadline has been extended to 4:00PM PST on Friday 10/30.

Due to technical difficulties the challenge has been switched to focus around Instagram's API instead of Meerkat's API.

Instagram has soared to the forefront of the social media world with 300 million monthly active users, 75 million of whom log in each day. The app can also boast 77 million Americans on the platform as a part of the approximate 20% of all internet users that have Instagram accounts. 14% of drivers even admit to checking Instagram while operating their vehicle.

Instagram's API allows access to a wide variety of data from the platform. It was created to "surface the amazing content Instagram users share every second, in fun and innovative ways." We're interested to learn more about #CapitalOne on Instagram.


Use the Instagram API to build an application (in Ruby, Python, NodeJS, or another language of your choice) that will find trends about Capital One on social media:

1. Get the 20 latest posts for #CapitalOne, and the like count for each.

2. Get info about each of the users who posted those 20 latest posts: determine how many posts they have on Instagram, how many followers they have and how many people they follow.

3. Determine how many posts are positive towards Capital One, how many are negative, and how many are simply neutral.

Bonus Deliverable (optional):

4. Fetch more posts than just 20, and generate some sort of visual that shows whether #CapitalOne is trending positively or negatively. (hint - try out D3 or something similar).

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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