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Propose new ways for us to forge connections across our membership base
Challenge Type: ideation
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We are a large membership organization focused on adults 50 and older. Something we're always trying to do for our members is enable them to deepen their connections with others, especially as they go through specific life experiences both good and bad. Data clearly shows that people highly value anything that helps them deepen connections with others, and especially when life events happen that change the status quo - either positively or negatively. We have tried to facilitate this for our members in the past by providing things like in-person & virtual classes, hosting private Facebook groups for consumers with shared interests, and hosting monthly book clubs.

We are interested in new ideas for services & resources that we could offer our adult membership to help them build and forge online connections as they navigate this life stage and the life-changing events that can occur.

Specifically, we'd like your ideas to focus on new ideas/services that could be offered to our members experiencing one of these events:

  • Becoming an empty nester
  • Aging-related changes, such as menopause or andropause
  • Welcoming a grandchild
  • Losing a partner/loved one
  • Moving to a new home
  • Retirement
  1. Propose an idea for a new service/resource that would help our adult membership build and forge online connections with each other as they go through the chosen life event you selected.

    • Describe your idea in detail
    • How would members access it? (online, in-person, etc.)
    • How would it encourage the building of connection between participants?
  2. Why does your idea work for the specific life event that you chose?

  3. Please explain what would make your idea more appealing to members than resources that might already be available to them

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
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