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Use technology to track and prevent migraines
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71 months ago
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Migraines are frequently viewed by the public as “strong headaches”. Anyone who has experienced a migraine knows that they are much more than a headache and interrupt life in a very debilitating way. People often remove themselves from their surroundings (work, family, etc.) in order to cope with this intense pain.

Most patients and caregivers lack an understanding of the causes and symptoms of the disease. By tracking the triggers, patients can achieve a level of predictability and control. This results in patients experiencing less stress, better planning and enjoying their lives, and managing their medications better so that there is less fear of “wasting” a pill.


We’d like to use technology to address the unpredictability of migraines and the disruption that it places on life. We would like to help patients better track their migraines (frequency, symptoms, duration, mood, correlation to prophylactic medicine use, etc.) and identify times when they may be more at risk for developing a migraine so that they can plan their lives accordingly and minimize the disruption of daily life and the ensuing stress and anxiety.

Submit the following:

1. What environmental and physical (health) factors would you track?

2. How would you collect this data?

3. How would you make migraines more “p