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Can you craft the perfect Millennial banking experience?
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49 months ago
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Catering to Millennial customers is a key to the future health of any banking institution. Many have focused on these consumers as individuals in the marketplace, but there are actually two different avenues by which Millennials are coming to banking: traditionally as individuals, and more and more, as employees who are encountering banks through employer-sponsored programs.

We want you to put yourself in each situation. Help us better understand how to meet the needs of these Millennial customers!


Answer each of the following scenarios in separate paragraphs:

  1. Imagine you have been hired by a bank. You are responsible for creating new banking products and services for other employees, specifically for younger generations. What products and services would you create? Describe them in detail, and explain why they would appeal to Millennials.
  2. Now imagine you have been hired by a company. This company offers its employees the chance to meet with a banking professional to help you manage your financial