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What will bring a new generation to a real casino for gambling and fun?
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52 months ago
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The traditional casinos of yesterday must adapt to a new generation of players. Millennials are much more technologically savvy and have different entertainment expectations than Baby Boomers. To meet Millennial desires, we want to combine traditional casino wager-based experiences like slot machine games and table games with newer game concepts, such as skill based games, casual and social gaming, collaborative gaming, E-Sports, and more.

Any changes must be made with the understanding that traditional gaming experiences excel at making money by creating frequent wagers of smaller amounts of cash, quickly determined outcomes for each play, and real-time response. Skill and casual games, however, can often last much longer. One of the issues presented these new types of games is how to make them as profitable as traditional games.


Provide a detailed idea for a new gaming experience that will entice Millennial players