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How can we encourage Millennials to buy and be loyal to our life insurance?
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51 months ago
Small pic 3 ways to tailor your local media plan to speak to millennials

Millennials are getting married, buying homes, having children, and making other major life decisions later and later in life compared to generations before them. Buying life insurance is no exception. As the largest generation in history, Millennials are becoming a dominant force in the economy, with a projected $10 trillion of spending power over the course of their lifetime. The company that successfully figures out how to market and sell insurance to Millennials, and even more importantly keep them loyal and engaged for decades to come, will have a serious competitive advantage in the insurance industry.

We, as a life insurance company, know it is difficult to target selling to the Millennial generation and we are looking to figure out what we can do to make you interested. What would make you loyal to an insurance com