How can we make Millennials loyal to online travel sites?
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At Amadeus, we are passionate about learning from people who travel and all about trends in the travel industry. Millennials are known to have a low level of loyalty to any single travel site, such as Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, and Priceline to name a few. We want to know why that is the case.


Help us understand Millennial loyalty toward travel sites, and how we can improve site loyalty. Specifically, provide a detailed answer to each of the following questions:

  1. What specific features of using an online travel site, like those listed above, cause you to leave the site and search elsewhere? At what point in the search and booking process do you decide to abandon the site and use a different one? Why?

  2. Think of the sites you use to book travel and your experience. What are some specific characteristics (quality, aspects, features) you like most in the travel booking sites you use, as opposed to competitor sites? What site do you prefer to use?

  3. What technologies do you see playing a significant role in increasing loyalty? For example:

    - Does having a top tier mobile app experience impact loyalty or affect a traveler's decision to book or continue searching? Why or why not?

    - Will offering the ability to book travel and provide support via messaging channels (Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, SMS) increase loyalty? Why or why not?

    - What other technologies do you think could play a role in increasing loyalty?

  4. Most travel sites have loyalty programs, and we know price is a huge factor when deciding where to book, but what are some innovative ways sites could justify not always having the lowest price? What changes would increase your loyalty to a specific online travel agency for Millennials? Describe a program, initiative, or service that would increase travel agency loyalty among Millennials.

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