MindSumo: The Greatest Story Not Yet Told

We want to explore new ways to create and publish books. We are huge fans of traditional publishing, but also are intrigued by untraditional ways of creating and marketing certain kinds of books.

With this in mind, we want to make a book by harnessing the combined power of the MindSumo community — not just to create content, but to decide what the book should be and how it should be marketed. To focus this more around you, we thought it would be appropriate for this first MindSumo book to be geared towards college students and young adults.

Please note: this will be the first in a series of related challenges, culminating in the publishing of the book we all build. All student winners, in addition to the prizes below, will receive public acknowledgement of their collaboration (directly in the book); as well as free copies of the finished version once published.

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For this first challenge, we want to figure out what would be the best topic for the book. Please answer the following:

1) What topic would you choose as the focus for this book? (also provide an example for what the title could be)
2) Why do you feel this topic would have broad appeal among college students and young adults? Provide any supporting data or information you have to back up your claims.

This challenge has received 40 submissions
Top 5 share $750 Next 5 share $250
$150.00 Square pic aaeaaqaaaaaaaax2aaaajdvlmdhjngjhltvimjgtndljzc05mdk2lwi0n2y1otqxote5yw University of California at Davis
$150.00 M Humboldt State University
$150.00 I University of Missouri - Columbia
$50.00 Square pic 0629121604 00 University of California, Santa Cruz
$50.00 Square pic sonal 3 University of California at Berkeley
$50.00 Square pic 3af8ebf University of Tennessee
$150.00 H North Carolina State University
$150.00 C Texas A&M University
$50.00 Square pic me square Wesleyan University
$50.00 J Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
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